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We are Eva and Attila,the owners of a successful kennel located in Hungary, central Europe.
We started breeding chows separately in the mid'80's as Rossy & Shagio-Chen kennels.
Our marriage united the two kennels in 1994,but kept both kennel names for easier identification of our lines.
Our goals are to breed the most healthy chows free of congenital health defects,including / entropium,hyp&elbow dysplasia/.
Our chows are tested for all of the above,and the ones that are found unsound are strictly eliminated from our breeding program.
We also strive to produce appearance the most represents the standard with excellent, mellow temperament in every possible colour, placing the most emphasis on the very popular cream colour.
We would like to take the time to thank all the breeders in the world for their many years of hard work which helped us to found our kennel with excellent stock.
Our daughter Alexandra was born in 1996. She has grown to love cats.She got her first cat, a siamese at the age of four. We breed a variety of cats and regurarly participate in shows and pet exhibitions, which resulted in the extension of our kennel. Now we are proud owners and breeders of siamese and oriental cats,and of course the breed of our love ,the CHOW.

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